Make Your Pharmacist Part of Your Healthcare Team

n honor of October being National Pharmacist Month we wanted to take a moment to explain why it’s important to include your Health Mart pharmacist as part of your healthcare team.

Trusted Advice: We help put you at ease

Health Mart pharmacists are able to provide the knowledge that you can rely on and the care you deserve. Our pharmacists benefit from extensive training making us experts when it comes to your care.

In addition to partnering with health care providers to gain a more holistic view of your health care needs, Health Mart pharmacists work with you by sharing specialized expertise and medication therapy reviews as well as providing a variety of clinical services. By connecting with our patients, Health Mart pharmacists are able to find ways to save you money and help make understanding your prescription coverage simple. Our focus on keeping you well and helping you better manage your health allows Health Mart pharmacists to act as a source of trusted advice within our communities.

Personalized Attention: We care about you and your needs

As members of the communities that we serve, Health Mart pharmacists are able to offer a personalized alternative to larger chain drug stores. Through our close relationships with our patients and partnerships with health care providers, we are able to take the time to care for you and address your individual needs.

Health Mart was awarded “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Chain Drug Store Pharmacies” in the J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Pharmacy Study*. Health Mart outpaced the chain drug store segment in four of the five study factors 1:

  • Store, which is a reflection of customer ratings on the hours of operations, location of prescription counter, parking availability, comfort of the waiting area and store cleanliness
  • Cost Competitiveness, which is based on customer ratings of the competitiveness of prices for both prescription and non-prescription healthcare items.
  • Pharmacist, in which customers rated the knowledge and courtesy of the pharmacist, including their respect for privacy, promptness of service, and concern for the customer’s situation or needs.
  • Non- Pharmacist Staff, where customers rated the knowledge and courtesy of the staff, including their respect for privacy, promptness of service, and concern for the customer’s situation or needs.

Unexpected Convenience: We help save you time and money

Along with easy prescription transfers and accepting most insurance plans, our patients can take advantage of a variety of offerings that help make staying healthy a little bit easier. Services such as SimpleSync TM, home delivery and online prescription refills make taking and filling your prescriptions fast and convenient so you have more time to do the things you want to do. We don’t want to just meet your needs; our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing you with the best value possible.

Your Health Mart pharmacist is more than just your pharmacist they are your neighbor. By including your Health Mart pharmacist in your healthcare team you are creating a network of care for you and your family.